Where to hide valuable things from summer thieves? Imagine that you no longer need to worry about money, keys and cell phone. The solution of this problem figured out the winners of Zadar Youth Challenge, a competition of young creative people who designed the solar compartments “Safe Wave”. Lockers would stand on the beach, they could be rented, and solar energy would allow cell phone charging and wireless internet. Their use is simple, the user pays a certain amount by cash, card or SMS. In turn, the user gets onetime waterproof bracelet with own code.

This team of young innovators became coincident partners, joining the Zadar space for work and co-operation between entrepreneurs and self-employed creators COIN. COIN has just given them the right to use space for development of ideas for three months. The aim of this model of work is to encourage young people to self-employment and entrepreneurship in order to have the opportunity to present their ideas within which are organized useful workshops. One of these is Zadar Youth Challenge, which, as part of the European Coworking Network project, brought together young people of different attitudes, occupations and age groups. Approximately 60 participants applied, in the shortlist passed 18 of them. Each team got a major hashtag “space and I” and three additional led them in designing of entrepreneurial project.

COIN users have 360 m2 of space with meeting rooms, a multimedia hall and a work area where they can design and develop their ideas. The space is not reserved only for the people from Zadar. Belgian high school students visit Erasmus exchange program for the second consecutive year. Frequent visitors are also tourists who connect comfortably with useful and during holidays doing their job at COIN premises. With the beginning of the season and the emergence of low-fare flights, the number of users from all over the world is increasing.

How much COIN helps its users is also shown by the example of the designer Branka Lukić, whom COIN’s space helped to start and register of own business “Illeconcept”. Another example is Hrvoje Mavra, owner of “Rec Productions” dealing with commercial video films for tourist communities and large companies.





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