The first Croatian 3D tiles “originate” from Poreč. This three-dimensional innovation is the work of Jug Jakovčić from E3 d.o.o. whose team designed the material, design and manufacture of three-dimensional coatings. This new trend appears on the facades and interiors as a decorative element with acoustic function. The product has been created for two years, and the tile manufacturing process lasts for 24 hours or one month. It begins by making a mixture, pouring into a mold, drying and then “smoothing” concrete. Production started at the beginning of the year, a special feature of these tiles is evident in the maintenance procedure. The tiles have a finishing layer that protects them from weathering and does not require special maintenance.

At the idea of making tiles, the team came up with a market analysis and insight that they were missing on the European market as well. Although they are present only in our country, the aim is to expand the sales to the European Union market. The primary purpose of the tiles is aesthetic but since they are made of a special blend of high-tech concrete, the tiles also enhance the acoustics and thermal properties of the buildings in which they are placed. With a sharp line and solid geometry, a new line design is now being developed.

Tiles can currently be ordered online, the price per square meter is 800 kn + VAT. The minimum order is 5 m2. The company E3 d.o.o. their new product prepares for exhibition at fairs related to architecture and design.




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