From the Croatian Metal Workers Union (SMH) arrived a notice that the collective bargaining in Uljanik group stopped because signing to the third annex of the Collective Contract have not responded three unions: the Adriatic, Union of Istria and Kvarner and Union of 3rd May. The new collective contract increases the basic salary from 1800 to 5000 HRK gross amount. The fixed part of the salary is raised to 75 percent and variable decreases from 45 to 25 percent of what the employer remains smaller salary, which can be manipulated. The hourly rate would increase, the calculation per hour. The alternative of not signing the determination of salary by employment rules in which is not participating syndicate, and that is what the President of SMH wants to avoid. Also, SMH will not allow Uljanik group that in Pula and Rijeka employs 4200 workers remain without a Collective Contract. The struggle for increase of base lasts for 10 years, as well as the struggle to reduce the percentage of salary that is paid through stimulation.

The current salary system is applied last twenty years and is upgraded specifically for stimulation of certain key professions. High stimulative part of 45 percent is paid for deficiency, presence at work and with it the are rewarded brigadiers and managers.





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