The General Director of the ship Institute, who is at this position since 2015., a few days ago has resigned. The reason for this move are delayed salaries to workers, mostly highly educated engineers from STEM fields, due to a blocked account. The Institute is owing to Croatia bank 10 million kuna. This situation the Institute passed two years ago, when the workers were without salary for four months. Rescue is then found in the loan of HBOR 20 million kuna. Today it is necessary to find long-term sustainable business model so that such scenarios would not be repeated. However Ship Institute has a 70 years long tradition of research in technical sciences and is fully owned by the state. Due to the legal status of the Institute, it is denied access to the funds from which is financed research and development. The only way to preserve the scientific-research activity is to change the legal status of the Institute. The institute provides test and measurement to clients worldwide, and this situation threatened the negotiation of new jobs. For example, currently they work on project of the ship worth 50 million euro, and for each day of delay followed penalties that are measured in hundred thousands of euros. Services in shipbuilding and industry provided by the Institute nobody in Croatia does not work, and if the Institute goes bankrupt, it would probably mean its end.




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