The European Investment Bank (EIB) in 2016. supported Croatia with 546 million euros, which is 1.2 percent of GDP at the national level. Head of the EIB’s Zgreb, Anton Kovačev pointed out during lectures about the role of the EIB and the European Fund for Strategic Investment, it is twice as much credit funds than the previous year. But by the end of June, this year will be signed two agreements on the financing of small, medium and large companies with more than 400 million euros for investment in the development of economy and new employments. The funds can use companies of all sizes, legal persons from the public sector, national development and commercial banks and investment platforms. The aim of the European Fund for Strategic Investment is to mobilize at least 500 million of investments across the EU until 2020. As part of the fundis European and counseling for investment that provides all the necessary information and instructions on how to apply for funding. The EIB will the majority of its activities continue to focus on projects of infrastructure development, environmental protection and innovativeness.

Total investments of the EIB to Croatia from 2001. until today amounts to 5 billion euros, of which in 2012. 330 million, in 2013. 633 million euros, in 2016. 535 million and in 2015. 357 million euros. EIB wants to contribute to improving of the investment climate, the availability of investment provided that the investment of more than 25 million Euros directly finance in 50 percent of the amount and less of it is financed through commercial banks in Croatia (Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Zagrebacka banka, Privredna banka, Erste banks, RBA and Splitska banka).





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