Most credit for the increase of Croatian exports go to the pharmaceutical industry. Croatian exports in 2016. amounted to 12.3 billion euros, an increase of about 7 percent or 800 million euros.

If GDP grows by two consecutive quarters, we can speak about positive shock. The jump of nearly 30 percent has surprised all.

The January jump of exports is only a continuation of the trend in recent months in 2016. Results for January 2017. show that export to the EU grew by 11.5 percent and to other countries increased by 63.3 percent. It is about export of medicines and weapons in the United States.

In fact, in the last year Croatian exports amounted to 12.3 billion euros. The pharmaceutical industry has increased its export to more than 300 million which represents an increase of an incredible 56 percent. The food industry has brought to Croatia 1.08 billion euros or 150 million euros more than the year before. Export of metal products (arms and ammunition) also has realized about 150 million euros more than the year before while in the same proportion increased export of electrical equipment.

The most export was realized in EU countries which absorbed 66.6 percent of Croatian export. But in the United States was recorded an increase in export of 70 percent ie. 187 million euros (again thanks to the pharmaceutical industry and the production of weapons).

About 40 percent lower export had a shipbuilding industry, for which is expected to be increased this year due to the number of orders.



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