Before the start of the tourist season, the town of Kraljevica can boast with a number of “only” 150 unemployed people which makes it one of the top 10 cities in Croatia by reducing employment. There are also Klanjec, Sveta Nedelja, Oroslavlje, Samobor, Zlatar, Varaždin, Ludbreg, Pregrada, Kraljevica and Karlovac. Particularly interesting is that Kraljevica is the only coastal city from above mentioned. Soon the biggest problem will be the lack of qualified workers in the shipbuilding and construction.

The mayor of Kraljevica Nada Turina Đurić pointed out how proud she is, that Kraljevica is no longer mentioned as the city case as it was in 2013. when the shipyard from Kraljevica has entered into bankruptcy. Then, Turina Đurić was elected for the mayor, and admits that at that time the city was in a situation when couldn`t be seen how much it will take to revive economic activity. Credit for recovery decaying Dalmont who took over the concession over the shipyard, Neograf, Kvarnerplastika, tourist companies and entrepreneurs. Results of reducing unemployment confirm positive trends, but due to the rapid bankruptcy procedure to the company Dalmont in 2014. is enabled that Dalmont start up business plans in the shipyard. Although today it is not the shipyard that can be remembered, currently employs about 200 workers and negotiate new jobs.

In order to enable further development of the economy, it was initiated modification of Spatial Plan of Kraljevica that will allow new investments in the area of the shipyard as well as expansion of construction and tourist areas. Changing the plan includes also sewage project. There is also a completed project of reconstruction of the ambulance, that is the most expensive project started and completed in one mandate. A lot of people are credited for the realization, primarily citizens from whose tax burdens the object ist built.

The following projects are the construction of the new center POS Šmriki, where builted flats will be for moving in within a year. Another project in the next mandate is decoration of the center Kraljevica (traffic, parking, green spaces), and a grip on the castle Frankopan that will include decoration of facades, environment, wine houses.



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