High school students from Zagreb School of Mechanical and technical schools “Faust Vrančić” before despised school, now they go also Saturdays. No, it is not the miracle, but the guys finally got the motivation and sense to do something that makes sense. A key role has a professor who for laziness and negligence did not punish them but found a way to move them. Thanks to the enthusiasm of professor of mechanical group of subjects to Kristina Škaler, high school students have designed a musical instrument-pushbutton that helps people with autism. Besides the innovative ideas and social usefulness, the story is interesting because among a group of young innovators geniuses are also two repeaters.

School on Saturday includes workshops of 3D printing where they learn from their own mistakes and collect alone needed knowledge for work with high technologies.

The school does not have to be a bogey, and these professors whose work is still not valued enough and it is not additionally paid, should be thankful the whole society.


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