Last years, town of Labin captures the momentum of investments, which resulted in increased demand for manpower. The Mayor of Labin, Tulio Demetilka at the Jobs Fair opening in Labin announced even 700 new jobs, he pointed out that today we witness disproportionate of supply and demand of jobs. Compared with the previous year, Labin recorded a decrease of unemployment by 64 percent, 350 people were not employed in 2015.

The economy of Labin felt effects of closing factory Benetton, but fortunately, appeared Carel, drive Bibetecha, in the stage are the negotiations with another company whose name is a secret for now.

Aware of the problem of labor shortages, the leaders of Labin negotiate about the construction of building for employees, and covering the costs of transportation for workers. The ultimate goal is to become a City friend of businessmen.

The central day of the fair was on March 25, there where presented the employers Valamar Riviera, Holcim Croatia, Carel Adriatic, MCZ, Bibetech, Uljanik, 1st May, the Association of Craftsmen Labin, Labin Open University, College Diopter Pula, Faculty of Economics and Tourism and Polytechnics Pula.

The rich program of the fair included a debate on the possibilities of development of creative industries in Labin and workshops on the subject of start-up, organized by LAG eastern region with the Youth Council of the City of Labin. The aim is to encourage people to take advantage of their potential.


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