A whopping 270,000 euros for investment in smart benches, inventor Ivan Mrvoš managed to collect in just 10 days of the campaign at Funderbeam. This is just another confirmation of the global success of this startup in which invested almost 90 investors from the whole world. In the remaining 20 days of the campaign, the goal of Ivan Mrvoš is to collect another 130,000 euros in order to reach the number of 4000 000 euros, needed for the development of his “smart benches”.

Mrvoš does not hide his satisfaction with the success achieved due to the fact that this is a new approach to funding. Invest can anyone with an initial amount of 100 euros while the raised funds take advantage of even more rapid business development and breakthrough into new markets.

Funderbeam South-East Europe is a company based in Zagreb, was founded in September 2016. in which the Zagreb Stock Exchange has a 20 percent stake, while the Estonian Funderbeam is the owner of remaining 80 percent.




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