Shipyard Uljanik has achieved a net profit of 12.2 million kuna in 2016., which means that sales income compared to 2015. jumped to even 97,909 million kuna! In the business report of company, operating profit amounted 5,402 million kuna or 139 percent more, compared to the previous year. Material costs amounted to 975.8 million kuna.

The increase of assets and liabilities, income but expenses is a result of contract conclusion for the construction of ships and special objects. It is about 11 ships worth 1.87 billion kuna. The parent company Uljanik consists of Uljanik and 11 branches, with achieved 1.84 billion kuna of sales revenue had an operating loss of 30.6 million kuna (net loss of 121.7 million kuna). Uljanik has 493 employees and the whole group even 4375 employees!

As part of Uljanik is shipyard 3. May that last year achieved net profit of 32.68 million kuna which is a decrease of 77 percent compared to profit in 2015. Total income grew by 9 percent and amounted billion kuna.

The majority of sales revenue, Uljanik achieved abroad (575.1 million kuna), while on domestic market income amounted 26.6 million kuna.




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