On 13th February officially was announced the start of construction of the first of seven new multipurpose offshore patrol ships for the Italian navy.

In accordance with the timeframes, the first vessel will be delivered in 2021. and the project is worth 5.4 billion euros. By 2026. will be shipped one patrol ship per year. Construction has started by cutting the first steel plate in a shipyard in Muggiano.

The main task of the ship will be patrol, search and rescue with armed battleship. The length is 132.5 m, will reach a speed of 33 knots powered by diesel and gas turbine plant and electric drive system. He will be able to work with fast boats and will be able to accommodate 171 crew members. Inflatables as speed boats will be located on the side, amidships and aft, and with them will be handled with the side cranes.

By the end of this year the Italian Navy will order all planned vehicles -7 multipurpose offshore patrol ships, a logistics ship, landing helicopter and two fast multifunction units for special operations.




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