Valamar Riviera, HUP Zagreb and Blue Lagoon published their reports on the stock market. Valamar Riviera is the largest hotel company in Croatia, records an increase of income by 18.4 percent, to 1.57 billion kuna. Last year Valamar hotels achieved eight percent increase of overnight stays, and increase of the average daily rates of 4.6 percent. As a result of the increased EBITD and quality debt management, the value of the company increased by 40 percent.

Investments to Dubrovnik surrounding was worthwhile to the HUP Zagreb. With income of 375 million kuna, the company of Anđelko Leko ended last year. Incomes of the company increased by 26 percent, compared to the year before. Achieved income amounted 297.9 million kuna, and the profit 79.8 million.

Within the Lukšić group, Blue Lagoon from Poreč in 2016. realized income of 997 million kuna, or an increase of 1.2 percent. After taxation of 23 percent,  income is higher than the previous year.




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