Professor at the High School for electrical engineering and computing, Ružica Kamenjašević is a winner of the highest annual award that is awarded for outstanding achievements of innovative work. She received the statue ˝Ivan Luppis˝, stylized fish-torpedo, and since 1999. she strives to improve teaching in the field of electrotechnics. She is a leader of the Section of electrical engineers – innovators, students with her mentoring implement projects, most of them has been awarded at the national and international level. She has established Section Eco-energy experts this year, she is a member of several associations, her aim is to stimulate, develop and improve inventive work of young people. Inventors Association PGŽ proclaimed her the best mentor last year, and at the exhibition Inova young 2016. she took the same title.

Under the auspices of the Kvarner County, at the ceremony in the City Hall were awarded prizes of Alliance to young innovators. Robert Lesjak from the Secondary School for electrical engineering and computing won the first prize for innovation ˝Printed 3D printer˝. The second award received Smiljan Pavlović and Enrique Kurajić from Electroindustrial and trade school for ˝Solar car˝, Luka Radinović, from the same school won the third prize for ˝Antidelve system of the front strut suspension system of motorcycle˝.

Drago Krajina is highlighted as a mentor who deserves special acknowledgment, which in Elektroindustrijskoj and trade school encourages and assists students to turn ideas their into innovative works.




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