Little children home keeper, called Juvo Home Friend, has designed FER student Matija Strbić with the help of colleagues from the Faculty of electrotechnics, economics and engineering. Juvo is one of the most successful startups in Croatia developed in the business incubator of the former textile factory. So far he collected a number of awards and at the beginning of next year is planned to prepare a pilot version of this crowfunding campaign.

All started from the advertisement shown at the Super Bowl in the United States, which has demonstrated on the high mortality of children in their family homes (drop of furniture, injuries in the kitchen, drowning in a bathtub or pool). In order to put an end to this, Matija Štrbić has designed system that with the help of sensors fastened on the ceiling, plushed toys and mobile applications at any time will notify parents where is moving their child. Parents will receive the signal through bracelets or vibration if the child went out from the room. At the same time the plush toy which is in the room with the child will activate the speaker and the child will hear the music or the voice of parents. This will distract an attention until parent comes into the room. Juvo helps parents in situations for example while cooking lunch in another room while a child is playing in the other room, and inform them when a child steps out of the room.

Juvo in Latin means to preserve and protect, and originally was intended for keeping children with special needs but soon an agile team realized its big potential of expansion to all children. Head of Marketing is an economist Sara Bajlo, in charge of building parents community who are involved in development of products. Specialist for the development of sensors is a young Zagreb developer from FER Stanko Krtalić Rusandić. Sensor recognizes a child by his height and can not be replaced with for example the movement of a pet. Igor Armuš is responsible for mobile application, Ivor Turčin for digital marketing and sale and Viktor Viljevac for finance. The purpose of these young innovators is, apart from creating original ideas, finding investors and with their help to create the final product and all the children enable carelessly childhood.




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