One of the gold medal for innovation at this year’s International Exhibition of Innovations ARCA was awarded to the company “Končar Electrical appliances” d.d. from Dicmo, i.e. their green home power plant.

This is the work of Končar young experts i.e. Master of Industrial Engineering Marina Crnjac, Engineer of electronic Ante Botić and Engineer of energetics Ivana Gjirlić. The system of green home power plant is conceived as solar power plant that will be delivered to the customer on the principle “key in hand” and innovative makes it metal cabinet containing all the electrical equipment required in order for a solar power plant could be able to function. On the assembling of the closet worked a young team of engineers considering that this is a different equipment that has different specifications and all had to be sort together. A closet is of dimension meter for meter, a depth of 20 cm, while component part of the system are the panel carriers. This awarded product preceded the precise calculations, drafts of mechanical parts, the layout of the closet, lodging of elements and testing of products. The main characteristic is easy installation, or simply fixing of the closet to the wall. On the left side of the closet connectors are connected with the solar panels while on the right side are connectors that go to the counter.

The thing that makes this power plant so special compared to others on the market is its availability to average Croatian citizen, pointed out the head of the finances of  company Drago Krpetić. For example, in Dalmatia this investment returns in six years, or if the person is dealing with renting, it can be agreed with HEP that electricity bill goes to the level of a year but in winter period accumulates that electrical energy and during the summer is spent. HEP is certainly included in this concept because for the use of the Green home power plant is necessary HEP’s electroenergy approval, since it is a sunny power plant which is connected to the network of HEP Končar.

Otherwise, the company Končar EU has a tradition of 70 years, and is engaged in design, manufacture, installation, testing, commissioning and service of electrical appliances and equipment of low and medium voltage for electricity distribution. Employs more than 160 employees, and 40 of them with higher and university education of electrical and mechanical engineering, based in Dicmo. It is owned by the Group from Saudi Arabia (Nesma Holding Co.Ltd.)




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