President of the Board of NCP Group from Šibenik,  Roko Vuletić announced new businesses with Great Britain, Norwegians and negotiations with the Dogus group, state and Adriatic Bank.

The construction project of aluminum catamarans, that for the first time instead from Split delivers from Port Šibenik, brings annual profit about 70 million kuna. This is the first time that the company delivers three ships at once, with more sophisticated equipment. By the end of the year is planned to achieve 59 exported catamarans for overseas markets of mariculture.

As the main difficulty in development, Vuletić stated lack of banking support, and Croatian banks refuse to finance the production without fixed guarantees I contracted work is not considered sufficiently firm guarantee. The situation in HBOR is not better, even their risk policy is much stricter than in classic banks. Vuletić believes that the state instead of waiting for large greenfield investments should introduce guarantee mechanisms for the contracted export business. Finally, the state is the one that has the largest benefits of export through the growth of GDP, employment, tax revenues and balance of payments. This would enable the new employment in the existing economic entities who have established business. For example, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands are working through their export banks.

Negotiations are currently underway with the Dogus Group, which recently has  taken over Spanish MB92 from Barcelona, the largest ship repair construction site in the world. With the establishment of strategic cooperation with them, the NCP would have benefits and the possibility of organic growth in the segment of mega yachts at very high rates. For the Croatian economy, entry into ownership structure of Dogus Group would be excellent news.

If you look at the order book NCP Šibenik, you could see a list of reliable subcontractors – Bimes, Elektrostrabežnik, Pulaka, Ćaleta building, Vela yacht and Linea mare whose business is growing with the NCP business operations, offer quality service and react in time. The primary market is the European Union and it is expected that 2017. will be one more successful year, considering that the capacities of new construction are completed by the middle of next year.

Announced business with Britain includes the construction of several passenger ships with the fleet of about 30 ships.

Each new ship requires investments in know-how which carries additional value and cost of labor is lower than the French, Dutch, German and Italian costs. In the case of increase in orders, the problem would be to find a sufficient number of workers. Even 50% inquiries for employment comes from Slavonia where the workers except salaries are seeking also for accommodation. Country could be able to help in order that cost of accommodation for employers be recognized as a tax relief and not as a salary, which would prevent the departure of our workers to other EU countries.







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