The economy of Rijeka is based on five activities, such as manufacturing, storage, professional scientific and technical activities, trade and construction. These activities 2015. had a share of 85% of total income. The largest number of entrepreneurs in Rijeka is related to the trade sector with a share of 23.7%. Follow professional, scientific and technical activities with 880 entrepreneurs or 20.6%. It is developed also construction with 10.2 % of share and manufacturing industry with 9% while transport and storage holds 5.1% of share. These top 5 activities bind 75.4% of all employees in the city of Rijeka. According to data from consulting company Bisonde, in Rijeka currently operates 10548 business entities. During 2016. it is established them 715, while at the same time extinguished 955. For example, pharmaceutical company from Rijeka Jadran Galenic Laboratory is the third largest in its sector in Croatia and last year opened a new factory. It is especially visible growth in professional, scientific and technical activities, and the growing number of entrepreneurs and increase of their incomes in the field of designing in the segment of shipbuilding and architecture.

Today is visible at each step transition of Rijeka from port and industrial city that is increasingly turning to entrepreneurship and tourism. With the aim of further transformation, raising the quality of urban spaces, creating new recognizable urban ambiences, as well as space for the development of economic activities, investment cycle will continue the realization of new projects.

Andrija Vitezić, city chief of entrepreneurship, points out the importance of cooperation with the University of Rijeka with which cooperate in several projects.

There is also a port of Rijeka that achieves numerous positive effects for the national economy. Upon Croatian entering to the EU for the Rijeka port have opened numerous opportunities such as the abolition of the customs zone, better circulation of goods, more direct domestic and foreign investments, and connection of Europe and Asian markets. Projects such as Gateway and Waterfront, expansion of storage areas Škrljevo, lowland line Rijeka-Zagreb-Botovo, and transport logistics center Miklavija are very important not only for the city of Rijeka, also for Croatia. Rijeka is focused on the development of starup’s based on the implementation of new technologies.





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