IT industry creates the largest number of patents and in some industries they became the most valuable part of some company. Croatia unfortunately here is very weak and it is at the very bottom of the list by the number of patents in the EU. The biggest reason for this is that the percentage of Croatian budget that invests in science does not contribute to innovation that Croatian science can produce. Comparing it with Finland, which has 350 patents per million inhabitants, Croatia has only 5 patents per million inhabitants, while the EU average is 110 patents per million inhabitants. With the patent is “protected” an invention that may not be successfully commercialized while innovation is the application of new and improved ideas that brings new benefits in use in practice. Without a doubt our most successful company is Končar, that invests considerable efforts in research and development of its products and technologies and encourages innovations, of which each is not patent but definitely contributes to the significance of their products.

Marijana Klasnić Kožar, Head of Department for projects and knowledge transfer at the Ruđer Bošković Institute pointed out that the Croatian legislation does not encourage innovation and rewarding of innovators. On the other side, Croatia doesn`t have developed production or business that would commercialize the product. Innovativeness could raise small and medium enterprises but they are only few of them and they are in existential problems.

Comparing the EU countries, Germany has the biggest number of patents (36.5% or 256 patents per million inhabitants), follow Finland, France, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden. The neighboring Slovenia is below the EU average but ten times better than Croatian with 66 patents per million inhabitants.


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