A map that shows how to connect to the free Wi-Fi at the airports which is constantly updated with new locations, created computer scientist Alan Polat. Some airports doesn`t have internet, on some of them you don`t know how to connect to the airport Wi-Fi …, so Polat created an interactive Google map for a large number of international airports, which shows how to connect to Wi-Fi. He decided to create a list of the airports, pilots and passengers are updating the list. You can found there passwords for access to VIP lounges, and some will say also where is the best signal. When the map is opened, shows the view of planes that represent airports, clicking on the plane the information about the name of the Wi-Fi network and information if the network is unlocked or has a password will be shown.

Application WiFox is paid, but it is available offline with all informations, it can be downloaded from the App Store on Google Play at a price of 1.99 US dollars.


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