Twenty years old Zorana Neveščanin, is the youngest Croatian shipbuilder and the British media already wrote about her. Following the family tradition, in the high school she has established a company for the construction of small ships and today sells them all over the world. She grew up in a family related to the sea and ships since her father Vedran Neveščanin is already 4 decades engaged in shipbuilding. Zorana`s company is called Ven Zoran and produces up to 100 boats per year 12 meters long, makes equipment from polyester, and has a product line of inox (equipment for boats, hotels, apartments, swimming pools) and will soon start the production of nautical equipment.  Apart from running the business, extraordinary she is studying Accounting and Finance and she is the proud winner of the Croatian Pride for the youngest female entrepreneurs in Croatia. Her company is operating successfully due to the great support that she had during the opening from her family, the headmistress and class teacher of high school, her father’s friends from the branch. Ven Zorana`s products today are being sold in Croatia and abroad, from the United States, Russia, Hungary, Germany and Australia.

The company employs 6 people, in relation with employees they have fair relationship.

As the biggest obstacles Neveščanin stated slow, inefficient and not interested administration, in the beginning also the lack of understanding of banks and government institutions.


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