Director of Microsoft Erwin Hartenberg deals with motivating companies to develope new innovations. His observation is that there are two types of people, people with a vision and pragmatists, and it is neccessary to help both of them. Regardless of  technology advancement, users slowly adopt technological advances and innovations. Regarding companies, they will speed up the acceptance of technology  to show users what they can realize. Regarding the progress of companies that are successful innovators, it should note that Rolls Royce sells “hours in the air” to airline companies instead of the engine. They retain ownership on the engines and through the maintenance, they are able to save millions and to offer better service to the customers. Lavov in Ukraine is also innovative. Information for tourists before they collected manually, and now all informations are in the cloud, so they can analyze which tourists visit them, in which countries they can advertise themselves for promotion and similar. Croatia has a low index of innovation, therefore it is necessary to promote good projects and Croatian innovators.


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