ReScience, third Congress took place on 30th September in the premises of the Rijeka Development Agency Porin, which organized the conference. 3D printing technology is already known to everyone, while in the domestic context  sets only the basis to a new industrial, creative … culture. Conference ReScience is meeting of professionals from the field of 3D modeling, interactions and additive technology, and students that are interested can also get information about the technologies of the future. It is presented possibility of cooperation and exchange of experience with academic institutions and their members in the field of science and technology, social sciences and humanities, as well as potential partners in the field of small and medium enterpreneurs. They also discussed about successful medical ventures with the use of 3D printed elements, the use of 3D printing in the preservation of industrial heritage, tasting the first Rijeka chocolate designed by using 3D printer … Rijeka is  declared the European Capital of Culture for 2020, and in this context has a chance to become a regional center of development efforts in the field of application of 3D printing and additive technology.

Examples of successful application 3D technology: the first surgery reconstruction by using 3D printing, work with children in an incubator of 3D printing, project of preserving the heritage of the City of Rijeka, reconstruction of bay leaf and bull heads


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