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Croatian startup Modulos plans soon to introduce the table that adapts to user needs on the market. The modular design allows adjustment of the workspace and needs of the owner. Modules – wood panels that could be connected together are basic elements of Modulos and it is always possible to get an ideal work surface. Each module is possible to connect to all four corners as well as with other modules on all four sides. This allows different combinations, different forms of work surface, different lengths of tables… It is possible to produce modules with different functions, for example modules with USB hub, holes and dents for the the pen, wireless adapter. If the owner wants bigger table or if module gets damaged, it is enough to order a new module. In the United States they are already working on the promotion, and with the help of the partners they established the company in order to facilitate entrance to the large market. In the case of successful campaign which is planned soon, production will start and first working places will be open in Slavonia.


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