Paths of four innovative young entrepreneurs from Zadar met in Zagreb, where they created a student project which has been implemented as a food festival Taste and Travel, which will be held this year in Zadar from 26 to 31 August. The event that brings the latest in the food industry was launched 3 years ago Karlo Vulin, Jakov Kolega, Mate Damić and Rene Marincel. As a student of Food Technology in Zagreb, and the owner of the bakery Kroštula, 24-year-old Karlo Vulin took the prize for its caviar chocolate last year , while this year’s reported innovation are even more ambitious. Visitors will be able to see how to distill lavender, try edible floss, see how it looks and works 3D food printer or try out an application for a balanced diet. In addition to the Fair innovations there will be also Fair of croatian villages products and Craft Beer Festival. Agronomist Jakov Kolega is in charge for both counting up to 40 exhibitors from the countryside and about 50 small beer breweries. A student of economics and finance Rene Marincel, is in charge of logistics and care that all exhibitors, materials and locations are ready, while Mate Damić, a future economist, is responsible for linking innovators with the labor market and leading entrepreneurs who will speak about the future of the food industry.

Given that Croatia lives a small craft revolution, enriching tourist and gastronomic offer, the fair will offer the best of local beers and discover out all about its production. The musical part of the festival will be in charge of Kawasaki 3P and M.O.R.T.


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