At the 2016Croatian cadet chess championship, held at the Medena hotel in Trogir, young female junior contestants in the category of up to 13 years of age swept away their competition. Among the 220 male and female cadets, six of whom were from Sisak, Tereza Dejanović and Petra Randić from Sisak and Anamarija Radiković from Rijeka have justified the expectations of many and reached the top of cadet chess, providing a true image of women’s chess in Croatia. The girls from Sisak are the only ones undefeated out of 22 in this category.

As for the young cadets in the men’s category of up to 11 years of age, Ivor Obučina and Josip Kapetanić from Sisak, despite an excellent start, finally ranked 13th and 17th out of 30 candidates. The young Magdalena Muha is the only girl who competed in the male category of up to 15 years and shared 8th to 13th place, which proves that in equal footing with her male counterparts. The young cadets from Sisak won two cups and one place at the world/European championship, which confirms their status of top chess players and justifies their performance.


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