When we get a craving for something sweet, we immediately reach for sweets full of additives and sugar that do damage to our body in the long term. This is logical, given that today’s accelerated pace of life leaves little time to prepare home-made cakes and healthy desserts. However, if you care about your health, you will find the time for quick, fresh and, above all, healthy dessert snacks that you will surely consume without guilt. We bring you an ultra quick and sweet recipe for all ages. It is a treat from ancient Greece and the Middle East, which is more than 6000 years old and which warriors consumed for strength before going into battle and the women in order to stimulate their hormonal glands. Pastel or intrion is the name of the candy, made from only two ingredients, honey and sesame, and full of vitamins and minerals. Its benefits are that it regulates fat in the blood, contains antioxidants, reduces the feeling of depression, improves mood, reduces stress and provides energy. For its preparation, you need 300 g of honey and 300 g of tahini paste, i.e. a paste made from ground sesame seeds, which you then stir together, shape into balls and put them in the freezer to cool.

Bon apetit!

P.S. You can make your own tahini paste – all you need are peeled and raw sesame seeds and sesame oil (two teaspoons of oil per half to one cup of seeds). Toast the seeds in a pan until they are lightly browned and then grind them in a blender, adding oil until you get a thick paste.


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