Mate Rimac’s business success began in 2006 when he, as a high school student, invented an innovative glove which replaces the keyboard. Today the whole world knows him as a successful entrepreneur who inspires us with his electric cars. The following story proves that Mate also has a big heart.

Four years ago, the editorial board of the 24 sata newspaper gave Mario Dolić, a blind-and-deaf young man, a ride to remember. Although he cannot hear or see, Mario loves cars, knows all the models and their characteristics. The Rimac automobili company lent him a car for his first run. It was the Rimac Ampster, which was then a test electric vehicle, i.e. an Opel car on which Rimac tested the components for his Concept_One. The preparations for the ride lasted four hours and involved the learning of the route rendered in relief, which Mario had studied, remembering the curves, while Mate Rimac, as a co-driver, gave him instructions on where to turn by tapping his arm. Happy and excited, Mario had no fear of driving. He said he knew where he was, what the length of the track was, what the speed was, how much time had elapsed since the previous curve. He was motivated for this adventure by the wish to contribute to the promotion of Croatia and Croatian electric cars in the world.


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