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A domestic staples manufacturer, Ergo klamerice d.o.o. from Lužani, boasts a turnover of HRK 30 million and exports to 25 countries around the world (America, Africa and the Middle East). Zvonimir Ergović, the owner of the company, took over and inherited the business from his father in 1991, when his biggest obstacle was moving the factory, which was a target of attacks during wartime. However, this did not prevent him from producing the world’s first machine for the production of staples from a 200 millimetre-long strip, which he presented at the Hannover Fair and which was later patented. The main activity of the Ergo d.o.o. company, which has 65 employees and operates in three shifts, is the production of industrial, construction, hobby and vineyard staples, but it has also expanded its activities to cardboard packaging, feather duvets and its own printing office.

Since 2000, the company has applied to various tenders and is subsidized by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship. Seven years ago, the firm applied for a World Bank project for financing a zinc-coating machine, in order to remain competitive on the market with their upholstery staples, which they had begun exporting to Romania. At the time, they received help from the Oriolik company, whose manufacturing hall has been used by Ergo d.o.o. for 3.5 years. The tenders to which the company has applied have provided them with funds for, for example, the modernization of their production line, for the purpose of decreasing energy consumption and technological waste, purchasing new machinery etc. As for the next tender, they wish to use the financing from the EU structural funds for constructing a production hall of 1500 square metres and a warehouse of 500 square metres, an investment worth approximately one million euro.


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