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For more than 30 years, the family company Hydromat d.o.o. from Horvatki near Ivanec has been producing high-tech products and hydraulic actuators for the valves of the main pumps of cooling systems, for Russian nuclear power plants, but also for the Norwegians, the Poles, the Indians, the Iranians, the Belgians, the Germans … The system is designed and constructed in Hydromat, which employs 25 workers and their brand of actuators is becoming more and more recognizable in the world. The company’s head of development, Mr. Slavko Canjuga, and his son Krešimir point out that their main problem is the lack of high-quality engineers and political interest in the metal industry.

The company is currently working on the actuator for the regulation and safety closing of the supply of steam to 170-MW drive turbines to be delivered in August to a Russian nuclear-powered icebreaker. Last year, the company delivered a self-propelled remote-controlled ship carrier to Poland, and its actuators are used even in the Norwegian polar zone, the Chinese city of Dalian, the energy facilities in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Germany, Poland, Belgium…

The company also began cooperation with an Indian company in the field of automation of thermal and nuclear power plants. Hydromat creates its own knowledge and high-tech products, standing out with respect to its development of innovations and highly specialized products.


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