The Medena hotel has recently ended its three-year-long  pre-bankruptcy settlement and been transferred into private ownership of the partner company Kermas Energy owned by Danko Koncar. The privatization model has finally been found and the former flagship of Dalmatian tourism, after 50 years of state ownership and the long post-war period, is starting the process of restoring the former glory it deserves.

650 rooms on an attractive location close to Trogir becomes the ownership of the largest entrepreneur in the Trogir area, which has announced a major investment of 30 million euros in the renovation of the hotel. It has not yet been decided whether this would be a thorough reconstruction and renovation of the existing buildings, or a new hotel would be constructed, but the result will certainly be a modern and high quality hotel, with at least 4 stars.

Joining Koncar and Kermas Energy in the Medena hotel, in the words of  Eduard Andić, President of the Trade Union of Tourism and Services of Croatia, is not only the best, but currently the only solution that guarantees the new business rise of the Medena hotel.

Andić states that the Union has been cooperating well with Mr. Končar, through its branch at the Medena hotel, and is confident that Končar’s business policy, as well as the investments announced, are going to raise the hotel back to the high level where it was. He believes that all factors, beginning from the beautiful location, guarantee business success to the hotel, and that the new owner will know how to use this, for the purpose of better positioning in the market. Andić does not doubt Končar’s promise of new investment, considering that a similar promise has already been fulfilled at the marina in Trogir, which will create a unique high-class “tourist package” with the hotel.


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