The period before the summer is the ideal time to cleanse your organism from impurities and waste products that have accumulated in the body. Every cell in your body is a living organism with its own metabolism, which has to be supplied with oxygen and living food. When we take high-calorie meals of poor nutritional value, we slow down our metabolism and weaken our digestion, and the nutritious food cannot be assimilated. When we add to that too little oxygen and movement, our cells start to function in a slowed down mode. This manifests itself as accelerated aging, fatigue, headache, discomfort, increased bodyweight, and, in worst cases, there is s development of degenerative diseases like cysts and various other neoplasms.

Healthy vital life processes and lasting youth are maintained only when the processes of cell death and cell renewal are in perfect balance. This is precisely the reason why fasting with juices is the simplest and best method for our body to recover and rejuvenate. To get the best possible results, physical activity is also required, in order for our organism to get rid of all the harmful substances, which we have ingested during the holidays, as soon as possible. Proper and dietetic nourishment abounding in nutritious substances, physical activity and the use of sauna are the recipe for a high-quality detoxification of the organism, provided, of course, that they take place under professional guidance.

Why the Medena hotel?

The Medena hotel is just the right place to relax your mind. Here you will find your oasis of peace, where you can escape from the everyday stress and the hurried way of life. At our location next to the sea and in the fresh sea air, you can identify with the nature and get away from your everyday problems.

At the Medena hotel, we have engaged top-quality experts just for you, to help your organism return into its original state within only a few days.

 What is fasting and what is it for?

Detoxification or cleansing of the organism helps your body restore its natural balance. Many people testify that cleansing helped them restore their energy, concentration and a positive attitude.

  1. During the fasting process (after the first 3 days), the process of autolysis, or self-digestion, begins. Our organism always functions in a sequential order. When it reaches the state of autolysis, our body first starts melting away the sick, damaged, old and dead cells. In other words, after 3 days of fasting, our organism first starts to eliminate things which it doesn’t need. These include the unhealthy accumulations of various toxins, tumours, abscesses, damaged tissue and fat.
  2. After the tissues and cells which we don’t need are gone, there is room for new healthy cells. This is where the rejuvenation process starts.
  3. There are five cleansing organs: liver, lungs, kidneys, skin and, of course, the intestines. During the fasting, the accumulated toxins are eliminated through our organs. For this reason, we help the intestines by an obligatory enema once a day, so that they could be cleansed from the accumulated ballasts and unnecessary toxins.
  4. Fasting with freshly squeezed juices enables the digestive and nutrition assimilating organs to have their physiologic break. After the fasting, our digestion and our body can use much more nutrients.
  5. After the fasting, not only do our organs function better and not only do we have more energy, but we also look younger, more vital, have a raised level of consciousness, the action of our glands and hormones is stabilised, and the biochemical and mineral balance in the tissue is re-established.

Who needs detoxification, or fasting?

Fasting is the oldest method of healing. Fasting had been recommended as early as Hippocrates, the “father of medicine”. Also, all great thinkers such as Plato, Socrates, and, according to some records, even religious figures such as Christ, Buddha… used the method of fasting.

It is an old, “forgotten” method, which happens in nature every day. Let us look, for example, at small children when they get ill. Their first instinct is to reject food. Also, animals, when they get hurt, isolate themselves and do not eat for some time. It is the fastest healing method, and all of our organism’s energy goes in it. If we force food on ourselves as early as the first or second day, the energy goes into digestion, assimilation and so on, and the healing automatically slows down. Detoxification or cleansing of the organism helps your body restore its natural balance. So many people testify that cleansing helped them restore their energy, concentration and a positive attitude.

Above all, the constant and chronic fatigue is one of the main symptoms of a “contaminated” organism.


Other symptoms indicating that your body needs cleansing:


  • weakened immunity, propensity to disease, colds and so on
  • indigestion, increased bodyweight
  • headaches
  • poor concentration
  • depression, dissatisfaction
  • weakness
  • allergies
  • constipation
  • fatigue
  • bodyweight fluctuations


Which foods are recommended when fasting?

Drink juices rich in vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants, which the body needs for detoxification, such as fruit and vegetable juices

  • drink lots of water
  • drink tea with lemon


Foods to avoid during a detoxification diet:


  • Fast food

Completely eliminate the intake of chemicals (for example, eat organic food, do not use perfumes or antiperspirants, or any strong creams)

  • coffee, alcohol and cigarettes
  • low-quality iodised salt
  • sweetened juices and carbonated drinks
  • foods with a high fat content
  • sweets and snacks
  • preserved foods and ready-made meals
  • foods containing wheat and gluten


What are the benefits of detoxification?

  • increased energy
  • reduced bodyweight
  • better mood
  • purer and glowing complexion

How many times have you started a diet, whether because you wanted to reduce weight or for health reasons, and ended up returning to your old habits?

With our detoxification programme, you don’t have to worry this would happen to you. The group will be run by professionals, and there will be a detailed plan of activities and social interactions for each day. With lots of laughter and positive energy, you will not feel hunger or discomfort, but enjoy the delicious naturally prepared fruit and vegetable juices, as well as the abundance of different salads.

The everyday physical activities will take place in the beautiful Medena hotel surroundings and the nearby places. You will also be able to enjoy walks in the old City of Trogir, as well as down the long seaside promenades, always in good company. There will be loads of laughter and fun and the results will certainly be visible!

Who may attend the fasting course?

Absolutely everybody can attend the course, including minors, who have to be under parental supervision.


What does a day of fasting look like?

8:00 Getting up Time for personal hygiene and morning enema
9:00 Refreshing natural juice
9:30 Morning recreation
10:30 Return to the hotel and preparation for various excursions
11:00 Vegetable juice full of proteins for restoring energy
11:30 Excursion


Dinner consisting of a vegetable soup and freshly squeezed juice
15:00 Rest Playing tennis, individual conversations
16:00 You get a castor oil pack over your liver in your room
17:30 Yoga/meditation
18:30 Evening meal consisting of a warm vegetable soup and juice
19:00 Conversations or educational lectures




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